Seventeen Things About Us.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

1; I love this photo, hes not so keen. We need to take more!
2; 2013 brings our two year anniversary.
3; I'm not good at present giving, so I always ask him what he wants.
4; He on the other hand is amazing at present giving.
5; He has bad eyesight & I have a terrible memory. We apologise in advance to any future children. 
 6; He likes American Football. I don't get it.
7; I love make up. He doesn't get it.
8; He can only sleep at night, I on the other hand am a pro at napping wherever, whenever.
9; Despite that I am usually always a little sleepy.
10; I have perfected the perfect pouty face, which usually works pretty well.
11; He has perfected "the look" which always works.
12; We love Anime.
13; He takes five - ten minutes to get ready in the morning.
 14; I take fifteen - sixty minutes to get ready in the morning.
 15;  We have always lived a short walk away from eachother & walked past eachother quite a bit but we only noticed eachother when I tagged along with his cousin to hang at his place.
 16; He lives for the moment. I daydreams a little too often.
17; We are best friends & so excited for what the future holds.



  1. Aww I love this post! I have some similar facts about me and my bf! :) I might do a post like this :) We can compare! :) you look beautiful in that photo! :) xx

  2. Awh thank you :D
    You should do it, it was so much fun to write. Its personal but not TMI ya know :)
    Thank you hun, that has literally made my day :D xx


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