Nivea Visage Young Facial Scrub

Sunday, 24 March 2013

 Hey Dolls.
I have nearly ran out of my Simply Pure Face Scrub & I really wanted to try something different so I had a little look on Fragrance Direct & came across the Nivea Visage Young Smooth It Mild Exfoliating Scrub. I love Nivea products & it was only £1.99. I have only used it 2-3 times & I am already in love, my skin has been drying out quite a bit because it is still absolutely freezing here in Wales. My skin feels so soft & hydrated after using this, its quite thick & has small orange beads to get deep into your pores. It has a lovely smell, it is a very fresh, light scent which is something I like in my skin care products. Unlike most scrubs I have used I don't feel like I need to apply half a tub of moisturiser afterwards, I now only use a tiny bit. All in all my skin feels amazing & even my boyfriend has commented on how much softer my face feels. This has quickly become my new favourite face scrub to use & I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.

Have you tried this scrub? What do you think?


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