Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo

Thursday, 28 March 2013

 Hey Dolls.
 I had recently ran out of my all time favourite VO5 Refresh me quick dry shampoo so I made a quick order on Superdrug & I decided to try a different one. I was having a little look through the travel section for a mini mouthwash to keep in my "out & about" make up bag & I spotted this, I have never tried anything from Charles Worthington before as I generally stick to what I know works for me but it was only £1.99 so I thought I'd give it a go. I have used it 3-4 times & I'm actually really pleased with it. It smells really nice, it has a very fresh scent which is something I need in a dry shampoo, It doesn't leave a white residue & it gets rid of any excess oil really quickly without needing to use alot of product. It leaves my hair feeling refreshed & gives it alot of texture & volume. I will definitely be purchasing this again, even though it hasn't taken first place over the VO5 dry shampoo, it has definitely earned a place in my bag to give me a little boost throughout the day.

You can purchase the Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo here.

Have you tried this dry shampoo? What do you think?
Also What is your favourite brand of dry shampoo? (:


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