What I've Bought #2

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have bought a few bits over the last couple of weeks and now I think there is enough to do a little haul for you. Its a mix between beauty, home decor & clothing. 
So I'll start with the beauty products first.

I was having a little browse on MUA's website & noticed they had some new products out so obviously I had to have them. I picked up the Undress your skin foundation in Porcelain. It was on offer for £3 instead of £5. I've only used it a couple of times & to be quite honest I'm not impressed. It's difficult to apply, I've used my ELF stipple brush & my fingers and it just didn't look right. It stuck to my dry areas even with a lot of moisturiser & primer. I found it to be quite watery, I think it would have been better in a bottle with a pump instead of a tube because when I first used it I opened it and the product just started coming out without me even squeezing the tube at all. That's a big no no! I'm probably going to give it to my mum and see how it works for her because I really just can't get on with it.

I also picked up the Undress your skin primer, I haven't used this yet as I'm trying to finish up all the other primers I have but I tested a little on my hand & I really like the consistency and it smells quite nice. It is on offer for £3 instead of £5 until the 12th March.
I like that it has a pump instead of it being in a tube, When I do try this out I will write a full review. I don't really have high hopes for this as the first MUA primer didn't work for me but hopefully they will have made this one better.

I also picked up the Undress Your Skin Highlighter. This is AMAZING!
I don't usually wear highlighter but the one I was using was nearly empty so I thought why not as it was only £2 [normally £3]. It is absolutely beautiful! It has quite a peachy rose gold shimmer, that perks your skin up. You don't look cakey, or oily, or tired looking. It has a lovely domed shape with embossed detail, in simple white packaging with a transparent lid. It looks lovely on the skin, you can use it on your brow bone, cheeks or an all over face highlighter. I would definitely recommend this.

The next two things I picked up was the MUA Shimmer Kiss Bronzer & Blush.
They were two for £4 instead of £3 each, I actually use the bronzer as more of a blush or to contour my cheekbones because I'm more drawn to those shades but I do love the Blusher as well it gives you a lovely flush to your cheeks. They are amazing quality and are so pigmented. They have subtle shimmer and they are finely milled and not at all chunky or powdery.

These are my holy grail face wipes! They have a very light cucumber scent and my face feels so fresh after using them. They take my make up off without a fuss, even my mascara which doesn't usually like to come off easily. They are a bargain at 99p and they are worth every penny!

Next for the Home Decor :)
 I was having a little look around my local B&M  the other day as I had an appointment and I saw this lovely plate, I knew straight away what I wanted to do with it & it was only £1.49. It is really good quality & it goes really well with the way I'm decorating my room. I have some tealight candles on my TV stand and I thought they would look perfect on this.

 I fell in love with these little gems! They were only £1.99.
I usually chuck my hoodie & my boyfriends jacket on my sofa as soon as I walk into my room but I started to get quite annoyed because it always looked so messy. So I had a look online and I couldn't find any I liked for a reasonable price. I noticed some of the staff were sorting out a new stand and It was The Vintage Heart Collection, I have fallen in love with everything! Everytime I pop into B&M I always get something from that section. These are exactly what I wanted, they are really good quality and look so pretty on my wall.

I like my jewellery to be organised but with my long necklaces I just couldn't find a way I liked them being stored so when I saw this in B&M I knew I had to have it, It was only £3.99 and it holds so much. I definitely recommend one of these beauts!

I am a sucker for anything with pearls and pretty lights. As you can see there is a small battery box on the left of the photo. I tried this out as soon as I got to my boyfriends house, It looks so pretty with the lights switched on but as I had to borrow some of Matt's dad's batteries from his torch by the time I took photos they were already back in the torch. It has a little hook at the top of the heart so you can hang it on your wall or door. It was only £5.99 which I think is incredible for what it is. I have been on the search for some pretty lights in my room and this has to be the best thing I've found yet.

 I love photo frames & I wanted a really nice one for a photo of me & my boyfriend. [even though I already have two of us in my room] I think this is so perfect and I love the rope hanger. I haven't put a photo of us in there yet as I'm getting some printed off. It has a beautiful white finish & when I saw it I expected it to be more than £1.99. B&M usually have some lovely Home Decor bits but they have really upped there game with The Vintage Heart Collection.

This is the last thing I have bought from The Vintage Heart Collection from B&M [ so far hehe ]
This is a door stop, I don't usually keep my bedroom door open but I just had to have this. It is so beautiful and at £2.99 I really couldn't say no. I will use it in the warmer days I think probably to air out my room a bit as it turns into a furnace in the Summer.

I love candles! I only have two left and the one is nearly burnt out so when I saw these I had to get them. They were £1.99 & beautifully scented. For some reason my camera wouldn't pick up the names properly so I had to use my webcam to take photos of the names and it turned them back to front. I haven't burnt any of these yet but I am really excited to use the Gingerbread Man & Cookies & Cream. Yum! I shall be going back for more soon. (:

Next is the Clothing bits.
 What girl doesn't love Pjs?! I was looking on Asda's website for a mothers day present for my mum because she wanted some new clothes. I didn't find anything I thought my mum would like but I did see these for me. I absolutely love the print especially on the shorts. They are so comfortable and the set was only £8. It is a bit to cold for shorts at the moment so I am going to be getting the long bottoms as well and possibly the wrap & teddy as well...

So thats it for my little haul, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Have you bought any goodies lately?



  1. Love MUA such good value!

    Where in sunny wales are you from?

    I'm your newest follower by the way, us welsh got to stick together ahaha

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




  2. I have a small obsession & I'm very rarely disappointed.
    I live in South Wales, in a small town near Cardiff :)
    Yay :) I will check your blog out now as soon as I finish writing this comment :)

    Ash xx

    1. Ah cool, I'm from south Wales too, Merthyr Tydfil, I'm sure you've heard of it... probably for the wrong reasons haha



  3. Ooooh I don't live that far Merthyr Tydfil but most of the people don't know my little town so I just say near Cardfiff haha
    I live on the other side of Cefn Glas Mountain, in a little town called Mountain Ash

    Ash xx

  4. I know it, you don't live far at all! It easier to say not far from Cardiff, stops any kind of confusion then. Just so you know, and maybe you already do, but there is a facebook page, just search for South Wales Bloggers, for blogger events and all that stuff



  5. I know right, I don't really like explaining where I live but everyone knows Cardiff & its only an 45 minute to an hour train ride. Oh I didn't know thank you :) xx


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