Tangle Teezer.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hey Dolls.
So after seeing the Tangle Teezer raved about I gave in & decided to buy one for myself.
I got the sparkly purple one, as purple is my favourite colour and what girl doesn't like a bit of sparkle! :) They come in loads of different colours so you can pick what colour you love best.
  I have really think & curly hair so getting knots out isn't the easiest thing to do. 
I get the really tiny knots that only happen if you have played with your hair to much or taken a nap & you only find out when you have ran your fingers through your hair & find the little sh...thing.
The Tangle Teezer has become the only brush I use. I used to use a paddle brush because I was told that what would be best for my hair...they lied. The Tangle Teezer is incredible. It gets the knots out easily without any fuss, It even works amazingly on wet hair. I would usually have to wait until my hair was dry otherwise the brush would rip half my hair out -.-  
It doesn't hurt one bit when you are brushing your hair and it takes literally seconds to get all the knots out.
The Tangle Teezer is definitely worth the hype! I've had mine for a good couple of months.
I bought mine for about £8 on Amazon & It is the best thing I've ever bought.
I defintely think everyone should have one of these, it will make doing you hair 10x better!

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer? Do you love it?!



  1. I really want one of these! Must get around to getting one :) xx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

    1. You definitely should, they are incredible. They have also come out with one for in the shower which I need to get my hands on :D


  2. Ive heard a lot of good things about it but i havent tried it.. I just use a reallyyy big wide tooth comb lol .. To detangle i mean x

    1. You should definitely check it out, It can be used on wet or dry hair & its really good to use when your styling your hair to :D



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