Elf Stipple Brush.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hey Dolls
I used to avoid foundation brushes, I've tried a few brands & they have all left my foundation streaky & then I'll have to go over it with my fingers.
 So I was quite hesitant to try this but I am extremely impressed with this brush, it applies my foundation nicely, no streaks & I'll only do a second layer with my fingers if I need extra coverage not because its streaky/patchy. You only need to use a tiny bit of foundation because this brush makes it go a long way.  It was very inexpensive, I think it was £3.75. It is such good quality and it is so soft even after I've used it everyday for a couple of months. It was white but it is slightly tinted from my foundation but after you wash it, it actually looks clean & I've noticed my basic foundation brush got badly stained so it always looked gross & dirty.
I never really see anyone rave about this, which is quite sad considering how amazing it is.
I definitely think you should check this out. 

Elf Stipple Brush

Whats your favourite way to apply your foundation?


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