Blast From The Past - MaxFactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hey Dolls.
When I started my blog this was either the first or second blog post I did.
When I started again I deleted the post & decided to start a fresh.
So today I'm going to give it another review, I haven't used it since that blog but yesterday I hunted through my lip products draw & found it.
I will only give you my honest opinion because I bought this purely for the hype around it & I was so disappointed but hopefully my opinion has changed somewhat as it is such a pretty colour that's so easy to wear.

When I Applied It;

This morning after I applied my base & eye make up, I had a couple of things to do so I thought I'd see how it goes throughout the day. The application was okay, the tint comes in a marker pen type packaging with a thick felt tip applicator. It’s really comfortable in the hand and the tip is tapered so you can really define the lips and get into any tricky corners. It’s also really handy that the tip is so long so that you can use the length to fill in the lips, the application was a three-step process. The first application  was to define the shape of the lips and for the stain to settle on your skin, I found that the first application faded quite quickly & I started to get streaks & stains on my lips. A second application to build up colour & a third to clean up any less pigmented parts of your lips.
It is quite drying on the lips & faded alot after I ate or drank something. It doesn't smell very nice, its quite sweet & a bit overpowering.

A couple of hours later [ 3 to be exact ]
 This is what it looked like when I came home.
I'm not very impressed with this product, it started to fade after an hour, it has made my lips incredibly dry, it looks darker in patches & for about £8 I wanted it to be one of my holy grail lip products, something I used all the time.
All in all I wouldn't recommend this product especially if you have dry lips.
I'm probably going to throw this away after I finish this blog post, which is quite sad.
 I wanted to love it so much,  I've read so many good reviews and didn't bother to read any of the negative ones which is something I would normally do.

Whats your thoughts on this product? Does it work for you?


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